The original Circuit Riders were a movement of selfless, dedicated individuals who gave their very lives to reaching the lost, forming discipleship settings, and shifting the culture around them through wholehearted obedience to Scripture. Their zeal for God created a contagion of simple obedience to the teachings of Jesus and resulted in a movement later described as the First Great Awakening.


That same original passion that the Circuit Riders exemplified is alive and well in the heart of a modern generation. Today it looks like gospel centered lifestyles. A people who love Jesus with all their hearts. The original Circuit Riders rode their horses across America and today we use every tool available to reach this generation with Jesus’ salvation.


In 2011, we launched our first Circuit Rider School in Kona, Hawaii at the Youth With A Mission campus. We were inspired by the original story of the Methodist Circuit Riders and their sacrifice, impact and dedication to multiplying the message of the gospel. We had no idea if young people would gather around such an obsolete piece of history… But we stepped out in faith and were stunned when the Lord brought us 300 fiery young people all hungry for revival.


Circuit Riders is now a complete ministry of Youth With A Mission, focused on reaching Universities and High Schools. CR is a missional community based in Huntington Beach, California. Since 2011 we have experienced tremendous open doors to reach the lost, revive and encourage the body of christ and train and empower thousands as proclaimers of the gospel. Together we have built sveral platforms, projects and campaigns to empower and train leaders and activate every believer and to inspire our generation to love like Jesus.

Cultures + Beliefs

We look to Jesus for our model of what it looks like to be cultured in the ways of the kingdom. Our entire community is a community of those who look to each other in encouragement and celebration. Encouragement and celebration around the areas of setting and shifting culture – culture that sets us apart as ones who truly love Jesus. Many of our cultures are used as points in our messages found in our podcasts, and gatherings held by Circuit Riders.

Culture of the Radical Servant

Culture of the Unoffendable Heart

Culture of Faith

Culture of Surrendered Heart

Courageous Heart of Christ

Culture of a Catalyst

Culture of Activation

Culture of Pioneering

Family over Ministry

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It’s at our core that Circuit Riders collaborates with others, as a network of believers believing for every person to be reached by the Gospel.

“In 30 years of ministry I have found Fire and Fragrance, a fresh wind in YWAM, to be one of the most fruitful fields I’ve ever sown in. Andy Byrd, Sean Fuecht, Brian Brent and friends, have received me as a father, and are lighting 2 great torches together in the earth, the torch of prayer and fasting with the torch of mission and GO! The arrow of evangelism is being shot from the fully bent bow of fiery prayer furnaces. Can you imagine it! Every place where YWAM is proclaiming the gospel across the earth, prayer furnaces of continuous worship arises to heaven. These are the new moravian lamp stands. They are the welcoming party of the Lord Jesus Christ heralding the Lord’s coming in revival and in His coming again. I love these guys!

– Lou Engle
, Founder TheCall & Lou Engle Ministries

“Passion for God! Passion to see the emerging generation impacted with the grace of Jesus! Fearless in their quest to reach the universities with the truth of The Gospel! Powerful in their love for people! Unique in their strategies! The Circuit Riders are on the cutting edge of a ‘love revolution’ among youth. They are simply doing the stuff, and doing it with love, and demonstrating the humility of Jesus. I think the Circuit Riders are giving us all a glimpse of what The Book of Acts was like.

– Steve Fry
, President Messenger Fellowship